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Beginners, Advanced, workshops and one-to-one courses in Reading and Maidenhead

On this page, a small selection of the great shots taken by our ex students and tutors.

From left to right: Nigel Nixon, John Guest, Justine Burton, Mike Moorwood and Amy Wu.
Above: From Top: Maria Perez, Sarah Shaw and Phill Price.

- Find the fastest way to access your camera's features

   - Learn to take control of your camera for predictable results every time

   - Learn how to take control of what's in focus in your images, from sharp portraits and close-ups with blurred backgrounds to detailed landscape shots

   - Learn photographic terminology which will give meaning to terms such as shutter speed, white balance, focal length, aperture and more

   - Find out how to add interest to your photos with some tips on composition

   - Put it all into practice

Digital Photography for Everyone.

3 hrs. workshop Saturdays (10am-1pm).

Digital Photography for DSLR cameras Beginners.

5 weeks x 2 hrs. Thursdays (7pm-9pm)

1-to-1 Lessons and Coaching.

Tailored to your exact requirements and objectives. Depending on the subject we could be in the 'classroom' or 'on location'

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January 2018